Are Electric Gates Worth It?

A higher level of security plus the bonus of added convenience are just two of the benefits of installing
electric gates in your home. But are there any other benefits? As electric gates and installation experts here in Perth, Western Australia, many of our customers are wondering if electric gates are worth it.

Join our knowledgeable team to find out more about electric gates so you can make up your mind about
whether they are worth it. Let’s start with the takeaway first and then look in more detail at some of the best reasons to buy electric gates.

Electric gates offer a wealth of benefits including added security, increased home value, offer a higher level of privacy, convenience, easier access to your property, low maintenance, are economical to run and give kerb appeal. They are suitable for all sizes of property including residential and commercial.

Let’s start first with finding out what an electric gate is:

What is an electric gate: types

The simplest way to describe an electric gate is an automated entrance gate that can be opened and
closed using a mechanism which is powered using electricity. There are generally two types of electric gates to choose from.

Sliding gates

The sliding gate is a popular choice for many looking for the security and other benefits of an electric
gate. This type of automatic gate glides across a track on wheels. Sliding electric gates can also be fabricated
with the more ornamental wrought iron or other metal designs using aluminium or steel.

Swing gates

Swing gates are another popular choice for anyone living in Perth or anywhere else across Australia. These types of automatic electric gates are those where two gates swing inwards towards your
property. Similar to sliding gates, they can be either wooden or wrought iron. Using a sensor, an operator when
commanded by remote control or keypad works the arm to make the doors swing open.

Some of the best swing and sliding gates can also be controlled using smart technology add a link to
smart technology articles from as voice commands using Google Home, Siri or Alexa and via an app on
your smartphone.

How secure are electric gates?

With the house burglary crime figures in Western Australia coming in at a hefty 23,978 according to the
latest crime reports, it’s no surprise that security is a prime concern for many Australians. Anyone who has a family understands their safety is a prime concern so you can rest assured that electric gates will provide more security and protection for your loved ones than traditional gates.

The locking mechanisms are more sturdy than traditional gates which deter intruders and give added
security. Some of the best automatic gates can be controlled from inside your property and with innovations,
many of them can be controlled using your voice or via an app as an extra security measure.


For anyone wondering whether electric gates are worth it then consider that extra privacy is a factor of
electric gates vs traditional styles. Electric gates limit who can see into your property and can reduce theft and improve privacy when compared with traditional gates. Control who enters and leaves your property easily and enjoy the added privacy that electric gates bring.

Easy Access

Electric gates simplify your access back home after a long day. Traditional-style gates could see you standing on a road or standing outside in wet weather conditions frantically trying to unlock your gate! The convenience of being able to stay in your car while unlocking your gates also means the safety of any passengers or younger family members. Electric gates offer simple and hassle-free access to your home.

Kerb appeal

A well-made swing or sliding electric gate made from good quality materials is always going to give an impressive first impression to anyone entering your home. Wood-look aluminum slat electric gates give a sleek look to your home and the more ornate wrought iron types offer elegant appeal. Whether your home is more traditional or contemporary, electric gates can add a touch of luxury, affluence and elegance to your properties’ kerb appeal.

Are electric gates safe?

Electric gates are safe but it is worth knowing that you should exercise caution when the gates are
opening and shutting. Modern electric gates are fitted with many sophisticated advanced types of machinery that have since their inception, considerably improved safety for adults, children and animals. Many of them contain state-of-the-art sensors which prohibit the gates from moving if something is detected in their path.

Increases property value

Professionally installed electric gates can increase the value of your home according to recent reports. Not only will you improve the overall look of your property, but they are also an important feature which is seen as desirable by today’s discerning home buyers. Its functional benefits and added security will attract potential buyers to your home and could increase the possibility of a sale.

Another benefit of electric gates that may help you understand whether they are worth it, is that many
insurance companies will lower your premiums due to the extra security electric gates offer.

What happens to an electric gate if the power goes?

You might be wondering whether electric gates are worth it if there is a sudden power outage. Although they are powered by electricity, many of the best electric gates have a backup power source such as solar or a battery.

Is there much maintenance required with electric gates?

The maintenance required on your electric gates will depend on their usage. Most domestic homes tend to use electric gates on average between two and four times a day. This level of usage would mean you should have your electric gates serviced probably once a year to keep them in good working order. It’s worth noting that if you leave it too long between services, rust or water damage could corrode some of the working parts which causes your gates to seize up.

Mackson offers a subscription that notifies you of an upcoming annual motor service inspection which includes a motor and battery check. Regular service prevents untimely malfunctions in the operation of
an electric automatic gate.

Are electric gates expensive to run?

One of the reasons that some may wonder if electric gates are worth it, is the running costs. Although there is of course an initial outlay, electric gates are surprisingly economical to run. The costs will however depend on their usage, how large your property is and how many people live in your home. But on average an electric gate uses about 100 watts per day when they are in standby mode.

And to finish on…

We hope that’s given you lots of information to help you decide whether electric gates are worth it! If you decide they most certainly are, then our specialists can tailor gate designs with a choice of colours, designs and materials to match your property exteriors. Proudly made here at our workshop in Maddington, Perth, you can choose from an affordable range of electric automated gates.

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