Automatic Gates

Smart automatic gates in Perth.

Mackson specialises in the supply and installation of automatic gate systems in Perth for homes and businesses across the city and in regional areas. They stock a range of world-leading automation equipment suitable for all property types and manufacture their quality gate tracks right here in WA.

Custom-made Electric Automatic Gates in Perth. Proudly WA Designed and Built.

Priding ourselves on delivering impeccable workmanship, personalised customer service, and reliable, cost-effective automatic gates in Perth, Mackson specialises in automated gate solutions. Our team has been manufacturing and installing the highest quality automated gates in WA for many years.

Custom domestic and commercial electric gates designed, built and installed. With high attention to detail, design and installation expertly handled by qualified installers and technicians. All our gates are custom-made in WA at Mackson’s workshop and comply with Australian Standards.

innovative design gate

The Automatic Gate Experts in Perth.

Gate design and delivery that meets your specific requirements, from a range of materials and colours that perfectly match the property’s exterior.

Mackson gates are packed with features, durable and long-lasting:

  • Easy set-up and program with automation equipment for all kinds of properties.
  • Very fast (has variable operating speeds).
  • Reliably moves almost any gate, weighing up to 500kg.
  • Gate tracks manufactured in WA.
  • Sensitive anti-crushing protection.
  • Ability to store up to 500 remote controls.
  • Low voltage versions available.
  • Pedestrian opening capability.
  • Advanced features available; reliable battery backup, timed movement and obstacle sensors.

Mackson takes pride in delivering gate solutions tailored to your specific needs. With a diverse array of materials and colors, our gate designs seamlessly blend with the exterior of your property. Mackson gates not only exude aesthetic appeal but also offer remarkable functionality and endurance.

Enquire about options for fully-automatic swing or sliding gates in Perth. A great option for homes or businesses looking to create an impressive frontage.

Enrich the Everyday.

Benefit from installing a Mackson Automatic Gate in Perth. Quality commercial and residential driveway gates, complete with automation, access control and security systems.

Privacy and Security... at the push of button

Beautiful aesthetics send a powerful message of prestige to customers and friends.

Have greater control over who enters your premises with advanced features for enhanced security and safety.

Remote-operated, so you never need to have to get out of the car again (especially in rain or heat). And with back-up battery to keep your gate operational (even if, or when the mains power fails).

Quality Craftmanship, Durability and Security.

Mackson have been manufacturing and installing the highest quality automated gates in WA.

Automatic Gate Accessories, Motors, Access Control & Security

Mackson can supply a large range of automatic gate in Perth products along with our fabricated gate kits including:

  • Custom welded gates
  • Sliding and swing gate motors
  • WA-made gate tracks
  • Wheels, rollers, brackets
  • Ball-bearing hinges
  • Low voltage kits
  • Batteries
  • Solar panels and hardware
  • Remotes and switches
  • Keypads
  • Obstacle safety beams


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Automatic gates hold a great number of benefits. Main features include: pedestrian opening capability, energy saving capabilities, increased security, revolutionary automatic sensors, sensitive anti-crunch control, increased longevity with anti-fatigue gearing systems, reliable battery backup in case of power cuts, variable operating speeds, impressive strength, easy setup, hundreds of predefined settings to accommodate every need imaginable.

Automatic gates are incredibly safe. Due to the specialised sensors incorporated into the innovative design, automatic gates are able to register obstructions and react accordingly. Failsafe systems are integral to the design, with reliable infrared laser beams that register obstructions to prevent accidents or injury, as well as an integrated battery backup in case of a home power failure.

There are two designs to choose from for your automatic gate: sliding or swing. Sliding automatic gates are controlled by a static motor and pull out in a curtain-like manner. Swing automatic gates on the other hand, rotate around hinges on gate posts. 

The main differences between the two designs are that sliding gates tend to be more secure as they are harder to force open and also require less space. Swing gates are more complex to install but do require less maintenance.

We sell easy-to-install automatic gate kits, giving you all of the materials you need to install your own automatic gate. This means avoiding lengthy wait times from installers. Get your automatic gate now by purchasing one of our Mackson gate kits. All you need are the screws, the concrete, a tool box and a pair of hands to put it together.

Depending on the automatic gate and the specific project, will determine the price. Request a quote with your desired dimensions via email or in-person at our workshop in Maddington. We’re always happy to help.

Automatic slat gates are a popular choice for homes and businesses as they’re easy to install and maintain as well as look aesthetically pleasing. A slat gate is made of slats, allowing breaks in between the pieces of high quality aluminum. These are available for purchase within our DIY slat gate kits range. 

Here at Mackson Fencing, our automatic gate remotes are able to integrate hundreds of predefined settings to accommodate every requirement for your residential or commercial premises. All remotes are provided with a detailed handbook, giving you all the information you need to set up your controls for your automatic gate. Programming varies from quick opening and slow closing, to changing the acceleration and deceleration and integration with alarm systems. 

Automatic gate sensors are lasers built into the automatic gate system, allowing the gate to register any obstructions as the automatic gate opens or closes. Some automatic gates use remote controls or keypads to trigger the gates, other designs use sensors on each side of the automatic gate. Lasers are used to detect any obstructions interrupting the gates’ movements. If there’s an obstruction, the gate will automatically open, close or stop depending on the specific circumstance. 

The biggest benefit of manual gates is that they are a more affordable price compared with automatic gates. As automatic gates integrate special sensors and motors, they’re at a higher price point. Manual gates open manually and are priced lower, but can be designed with auto-ready features so that an electric motor can be retrofitted at a later date.

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