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Insulated roof patios: a versatile, functional addition to outdoor spaces

Trust Mackson to provide you with a comfortable, enjoyable environment while protecting against the elements. By blending aesthetics and practicality, insulated roof patios are a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Combining
high-quality materials, efficient insulation, coupled with Mackson’s expert construction and you will get a durable, appealing and long-lasting solution; guaranteed to enhance any property’s value and use.

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Mackson will guide you through selection, design, construction, and delivery to be sure you get the best possible outcome.

Why choose an insulated roof patio? 

  • High-Quality Insulation
  • Range of Design Choices
  • Customisable with Weather Resistant structure.

Mackson’s insulated roof patios are equipped with advanced insulation materials to regulate temperature, keeping your space cooler in the summer and warmer in winter. Basically enhances both comfort and energy efficiency.

Choose from a variety of styles, colours, or configurations to match existing architecture and design preferences. Customisable options include roofing materials, finishes, and layout.

Professional Construction and Installation. Quick Delivery. Structural Integrity. Attractive Appeal.

Trust Mackson construction teams to install your patio correctly and securely, always aligning to industry standards and safety regulations.

Multi-functional space for outdoor dining, relaxation, and entertaining guests.

Guiding you through the selection, design, construction, and delivery processes; with minimal disruptions to your property or routine as a result of Mackson’s well-planned delivery, and timely completion.

Reputable Provider of Insulated Roof Patios.

Mackson high quality materials and workmanship, for your peace of mind. We also supply maintenance guidelines that helps to prolong the life of your patio.

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Insulated roof patios are a premium roofing solution that combines roofing, insulation, and a smooth ceiling into a single product. They feature a 50mm thick polystyrene foam insulation layer between the steel roof and ceiling. This insulation not only softens noise but also effectively blocks heat, creating a comfortable and energy-efficient outdoor space.

The polystyrene foam insulation in Insulated Roof Patios provides excellent thermal performance by blocking heat, making your patio cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Additionally, this insulation allows for longer spans without the need for additional purlins, resulting in a more spacious and attractive ceiling. It also features conduit recesses, making it easy for electricians to install downlights and fans.

Yes, Insulated Roof Patios are available in both flat and gable designs, allowing you to select the style that complements your outdoor space and architectural preferences.

All our patios, including Insulated Roof Patios, come with gutters and downpipes certified to engineering standards. For gable patios, we use a special kissing gutter design, separating the patio’s gutter system from the house. This innovative design eliminates the need to cut into the existing house gutter, reducing the risk of damage and leaks.

Most patio constructions in WA require council approval, and we provide comprehensive support in obtaining it. We handle all aspects, including paperwork, patio design drafts, engineering certifications, and building permits. We’ll also guide you through any development or planning approvals that may be necessary, simplifying the process for property owners.

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