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Gable roof patios feature strong welded trusses, creating spacious and shaded areas for backyards or carports. They stand out with their distinctive crow’s feet design, and their engineering allows for wider spans without additional support posts compared to flat roofs.

Absolutely! We welcome unique design ideas for your Gable Roof Patio. Additionally, if your house eaves are low, we recommend adding doglegs to raise the ceiling. This not only creates a taller roof but also introduces a stylish effect with a polycarbonate cover in the raised section.

Yes, our Gable Roof Patio packages offer the option to add polycarb skylight sheets between the steel roof sheets. Placing them near windows ensures ample natural light. You can choose from various skylight colors to suit your preferences.

Gable Roof Patios come with two profile options: Trimdeck or Corrugated. Trimdeck offers clean lines and a smooth finish, making it a popular choice. Corrugated is ideal for matching existing steel roofs or achieving elegant edge cuts in hip roof designs.

Most patio constructions in Perth require council approval. We provide a hassle-free service by handling all the necessary paperwork, patio design drafts, engineering certifications, and building permits. We’ll guide you through any development or planning approvals that may be needed, ensuring a smooth process.

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