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Garrison Security Fences

Garrison fencing is known for maximum security, anti-climb design, robust construction, and formidable looks. Acting as a strong deterrent, Garrison fencing has been a staple of the Australian commercial landscape for many years.

Strong, visually-appealing Security Solution.

Mackson are experts at Garrison Security systems. We recommend Garrison Automatic Gates in conjunction with fencing panels. Our automatic gates deploy industrial grade Centsys motors, for multiple movements throughout the day. Paired with Wireless Keypads, Extra Remotes and Obstacle Sensors to customise entrance gates that suit your requirements.

Mackson locally manufactures our own 3mm thick steel Gate Tracks here in WA, which allow heavy trucks and loads to drive over.

Beyond our Mackson Garrison Fencing range, and outstanding service – Mackson is the only Fencing manufacturer in Perth holding a Security Agent Licence (No. 59922) issued by the WA Police. Unequivocally, this makes Mackson the most trusted security fencing contractor in Perth. Trust us to fully understand your needs and provide most sound advice that suits your requirements and budget.

Garrison Security Fencing: Less of a Burglary Target.

Factories, schools, homes and businesses all demand secure fencing and safety for its occupants.

Benefits of Garrison Security Fencing

Garrison security fences protect occupants against external threats. As Mackson is a qualified, Licensed Security Agent and Security Fence Installer, you can be sure our Garrison fencing deployed in mid-security applications – such as government buildings, commercial retail buildings, car yards, and schools is designed and produced using only the best steel.

  • Options for protection and security solutions.
  • Perfect for schools and commercial properties.
  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Complies with the highest Australian standards.
  • 1.8m, or 2.1 metre high fencing.
  • Fire-safe and pool-safe.
  • Corrosion and rust resistant.
  • Squash top spears.
  • Strong square bars.
  • Affordably-priced.

Sense of Safety and Peace of Mind.

Providing you with increased visibility, integrated access-control systems and regulatory compliance.

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Garrison Security Fencing is a trusted staple in the Australian metropolitan landscape, for strength, security and its visually-appealing design.

Garrison Security Fencing provides excellent protection and security for a wide range of properties, including factories, schools, and residential homes. This fencing’s durable construction, squash top spears, and strong square bars make it a super reliable, long-lasting option for the safeguarding of properties.

Garrison Security Fencing acts as a robust barrier, reducing the risk of burglary and unauthorised entry into homes and businesses. Its formidable presence acts as a deterrent, making properties less attractive targets for potential intruders. In addition to keeping intruders away, this type of fencing ensures the safety of employees, children, and pets within the enclosed area.

Garrison Security Fencing with Garrison Automatic Gates offers a comprehensive security solution. The industrial-grade Centsys motors used in the automatic gates provide smooth and reliable movements throughout the day. Additionally, the gates can be customised with various accessories like wireless keypads, extra remotes, and obstacle sensors, allowing for a tailored entrance gate to suit specific requirements. Our locally manufactured 3mm thick steel gate tracks also allow heavy truck loads to drive over them, enhancing the versatility of the security system.

Garrison Security Fencing, available in heights of 1.8 meters or 2.1 meters, is a great security solution for schools and commercial properties. Its affordability and durability make it a cost-effective option for securing these properties without compromising on quality.

Mackson stands out as a leading Garrison Security Fencing supplier in Perth by offering top-of-the-range fencing products along with outstanding service. With a Security Agent Licence (No. 59922) issued by the WA Police, Mackson is one of the most trusted security fencing contractors in Perth. Their team strives to understand clients’ needs and provides appropriate advice to suit individual requirements and budgets.

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