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Automatic gates: an ally for your home security

Automatic gates Perth

When constructing or purchasing a home, safeguarding the assets and individuals within it, is paramount. While doors and windows offer indoor security, it’s equally crucial to fortify outdoor protection to avoid potential break-ins. There is one way you can prevent unauthorised access to your property for enhanced security: automatic gates in perth, fences and gates.

Fences and gates serve as effective barriers, obstructing the view of onlookers but also dissuading potential intruders. When coupled with additional security measures like surveillance cameras, keycards, and keypads, fences and automatic gates in perth prove to be exceptional methods for safeguarding property from trespassers.

Ensuring the security of your home: the benefits of automatic gates

While they streamline daily life, automatic gates also bolster security. Constructed from sturdy materials like steel or aluminum, automatic gates are resilient against tampering or breakage. Available in various designs, from tight slats to spear bar formats, they offer different options to enhance the security of your property.

With a remote operation option, automatic gates empower homeowners to regulate access to their property. Various systems such as doorbells, digital codes, or camera surveillance can be integrated to enable homeowners to approve or deny entry to their property.

Equipped with innovative anti-fatigue gearing systems, continually tested and refined to withstand evolving wear conditions, although maintenance is recommended and required yearly, automatic gates boast significantly prolonged lifespans.

If automatic gates are a great pick to secure your property they also offer great convenience and ease of use. Indeed, their capacity to integrate remote commands as well as GPS and wifi automation allows users to automate when to open or close them without even having to press a button anymore. When installed with obstacle sensors, automatic gates are secured so as not to close on your vehicle or yourself as you pass through.

For those concerned about potential electric failures rendering automatic gates inoperative and causing inconvenience, worry not. Breakdowns are rare occurrences. However, in the event of a malfunction, backup batteries are integrated to seamlessly take over if the primary power source fails. Furthermore, most automatic electric gates in perth include a manual override feature, allowing manual operation in cases of major power outages.

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Securing your home: How to choose the right automatic gates

With a multitude of options and features available in the market, selecting the most suitable automatic gate for your property can be challenging.

The initial consideration in the process of automatic gate selection is determining the available space and the frequency of usage. This assessment helps in determining which type of gate is suitable for your needs. For example, swing gates require more space to fully open compared to sliding gates. Additionally, the frequency of use and desired opening speed influence the choice between these options.

Subsequently, the material of the gate becomes a crucial factor, varying based on location and weather conditions. Gates must withstand specific environmental challenges, such as heat waves, heavy rain, or coastal humidity. For instance, operating in Western Australia, we make sure our gates can resist the heat waves we face during the Summer, as well as heavy rain we get over Winter. Most importantly, we make sure our gates have a strong resistance to rust as it tends to amplify especially in coastal areas.

The gate’s design significantly impacts its security enhancement capabilities. Customisation options, from slats to spears, allow for tailored solutions that match the aesthetic and security requirements of your property. While slats offer privacy, they may not deter tailgating, whereas spears will. Factors like the height and spacing of slats or bars contribute to the gate’s overall security level and can be adjusted to your specific requirements.

Power source selection is another essential aspect of choosing the right automatic gate. Solar-powered motors are ideal for sunny locations, offering cost-saving benefits. Alternatively, hydraulics or electric power sources are reliable solutions in areas with less sunlight. However, regardless of the power source, all automatic gates feature battery backup and manual operation options to ensure functionality during electricity outages.

Additional security features can further enhance the effectiveness of automatic gates. Integration with existing camera surveillance systems allows for the addition of movement sensors, facilitating remote monitoring and detection of unusual activity even when away from home.

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Secure your home with Mackson Automatic Gates

aesthetics is not always easy. Luckily, at Mackson, we offer a wide range of options and are even able to customise our gates to ensure they meet your requirements while always ensuring the highest level of security for your property.

If you still feel unsure about whether to opt for a manual or an automatic gates? Check out these pros and cons to help you decide.

Automatic gates perth

Enhance your home security today with our range of automatic gates in Perth! Contact us now to discover how we can customize a solution that fits your needs perfectly. Don’t wait to protect what matters most—secure your property with Mackson


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