The benefits of having a carport patio for your car

What do you do if your property doesn’t have an enclosed garage to store your car? Build a carport patio of course! Aside from the obvious advantages of protecting your car from the elements outside, installing a carport patio comes with many benefits.

Here are our top reasons why you should consider a carport patio for your home.

Protects your car from the weather

Carport patios are made to withstand tough weather conditions. They can act as a protective cover for your car, shielding it from weather damage caused by extreme sun exposure, frost, debris and rain. 

The sun’s harsh UV rays is one of the main triggers for paint fading from cars. Repairing hailstone damage to cars can also be a costly exercise if your car isn’t insured against it. Having a carport patio will minimise this from occurring, which means less maintenance or repairs to your car. If you want to add even more protection, you can install polycarbonate or tin sheeting as walls.

Suitable for any type of vehicle

A carport isn’t restricted in size like a garage, which means you can park anything from a family SUV to a boat or RV. So as you change or upgrade vehicles down the track, you won’t have to worry about whether it will fit in the garage.


Carports can easily be customised to reflect the look of your home. The structure can be freestanding or attached to the house. Roof tiles or Colorbond sheeting can be matched, and it’s easy enough to paint the frame the same colour scheme as the house, to make it appear like it was part of the original design. 

Depending on your budget, you can choose to have a flat, pitched or gabled roof. Or, if you decide later on that you want a secure area for your car, a lockable roller door and walls can easily be added to your current structure.

Keeps your car cooler during summer

No one likes getting into a car on a scorching hot day, especially if it’s been parked out in the sun. Having a carport patio will ensure your car is shaded, making it more comfortable during those warmer months.

Depending on the layout of your property, adding a carport can even keep the house at a more constant temperature and serve as a windbreak.

An extension to your outdoor space

Your carport patio can also double up as an outdoor entertaining space for when friends and family come around, such as hosting a birthday party or a larger gathering. This is great when you don’t have enough indoor space, or if you want to keep guests outside to save on cleaning. Rain or shine, a carport can be used to entertain anytime of the year!

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