Top 6 reasons to build your fence or patio with steel

When it comes to choosing building materials for your fencing or patio project, many builders will agree that steel is the go-to material.  

There are many benefits to using steel over timber or concrete. Here are our top 6 reasons why we think you’re better off building a fence or patio with steel.

Built to last

You might not realise this, but steel as a building material is surprisingly light yet incredibly strong and durable. Colorbond and Unicote steel for example, have been designed to withstand Australian conditions and is rigorously tested against Australian standards.

Steel will outlast other building materials such as timber, because it won’t deteriorate, warp, crack or creep over time. Steel frames don’t rot and they won’t change size over time.

Fire resistant and termite proof

Steel is non-combustible and highly resistant to fire, making it a superior choice over traditional building materials, particularly in bushfire prone areas. Additionally, steel will not release smoke, carbon dioxide or VOCs (volatile organic compound), unlike wood in the event of a fire.

Another advantage of using steel is that it is 100% termite proof. While treated timber can be termite resistant, it often means using harsh toxins and chemicals, and it will still deteriorate over time.


Steel can be fabricated into different shapes without losing its strength. This means it can be applied in various ways to create structures that are aesthetically pleasing, but also structurally sound. It’s also easy to future proof steel frames, because they are more conducive to being altered or modified if you are extending or renovating.

Easy to maintain

Because steel is so durable, there is hardly any maintenance involved to keeping your steel fence or patio looking good. Colorbond and Unicote steel is coated with special paint that ensures it maintains its colour retention against harsh UV rays and other environmental conditions. This means there is no repainting required – ever! 

Steel is also naturally washed by the rain and will keep hold year-in-year-out unlike timber, which requires regular maintenance and upkeep to look and perform at its best.

Faster build times

Fences or patios built out of steel will usually take less time to build than timber or concrete. We manufacture our steel to pre-cut lengths, making it easy to erect and also removes the need to cut materials to size on site.

Steel is sustainable

Did you know steel is 100% recyclable? This results in less waste going to landfill. Scrap can be recycled for use in other ways. It can be melted down and recast without losing any inherent properties such as its strength.

Using steel over timber helps lower carbon emissions and promotes clean air, as there is no deforestation involved in the manufacture of steel. And because the material is lightweight, transport is more efficient and cost effective.

Here at Mackson, we’ve been manufacturing and supplying steel materials – such as Colorbond and Unicote for fencing and patio projects for over 20 years, so we have a tonne of experience when it comes to finding the right solution for our customers.

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