Why installing a fence adds value to your home

We don’t often think about fences unless you’re building a house or your current fence is in desperate need of repair or replacement.

And while it’s not necessarily on the top of your home renovations list, installing a new fence can enhance the look of your house and have the potential to increase the value and worth of your property. 

Let’s explore why.

A fence can make or break your kerb appeal

We know a fence is commonly used to define the space and security around your property, but it can also transform the appearance of your home. If done properly, a fence at the front of your property will attractively frame your home and create the illusion of a larger space.

The type of fencing you choose is a crucial element if you want to add value to your home. Installing a fence that complements the aesthetics of your outdoor space and architecture will ensure the exterior of your home looks complete. 

To truly complement your property, it’s necessary to consider the purpose, style and material choice of your fence. And there are many different types of fences in Perth and fence designs to choose from.

From providing added security and privacy solutions, to highlighting your landscape design and keeping the pets and kids in, the right fencing style can be the focal point of your front verge or backyard surroundings. 

Here are a few fence ideas to inspire your Perth home.

The classic picket fence

A picket fence has the ability to create instant charm and a sense of elegance. While most house styles suit picket fencing, you’ll typically find it works best in traditional heritage style homes or Californian bungalow inspired architectural designs.

A picket fence works well standalone or as panelling between solid pillars. The only downside is picket fences are high maintenance, so to avoid annual paint jobs you might want to consider aluminium picket fencing with a white or coloured powdercoating to give a similar effect.

Attractive modular fencing

Modern homes are all about flat roofs and hard angles. Modular fencing complements this style to a tee and is a great fencing option if you’re after style on a budget. The panels and posts of modular walls (as they are often referred to) are usually manufactured using a lightweight inner core and a fibre cement outer skin.  The inner core can absorb sound vibrations, which helps in reducing noise – perfect for a rowdy household or when you’re hosting a party!

Sturdy infill fencing

Infill fencing allows you to create fencing posts out of brick or cement and “fill in” the rest of the fence with either wooden or aluminium slats. Mixing materials together for your fence design can create a unique look to your home, and it works particularly well if your home already has a brick wall. For an earthy look, try combining wooden slat fencing between brick or stone pillars, and for an edgier style opt for steel slats installed amongst brick panels.

Ornate etched screens

Decorative privacy screens are a popular trend of recent years. They can create a personalised charm and extra detail to your frontage or backyard. This style of fencing utilises laser-cutting to create etched patterns into steel panels. And it allows you to be as creative as you like if you go down the custom made path. Etched designs can be minimal to create more privacy or, you can have bolder engravings which opens up the panels and your outdoor space for greater visual appeal.

Glass fencing

While usually reserved for pool fencing, a glass fence can also be applied to other areas of your garden or balcony for uninterrupted views, giving your home a sleek and clean look. You can choose from framed or frameless glass fencing, and you can even combine stainless steel or powder coated aluminium for added detail. If you prefer more privacy, there are frosted glass panel options available, which can look nice when paired with rough wood frames and boards.

Green wall garden

Why limit your garden to just the ground when you can have an attractive garden wall that also doubles up as a fence to accentuate your outdoor space. Green wall gardens are an innovative feature to any home and also an effective way to ensure more privacy. Green fences are visually appealing and can create different levels of light and colour from the foliage or flowers incorporated in the design.

Art deco vibes

Does your home lend itself to art deco facades? Think brick with geometric shapes, curved walls and porthole stained glass windows. A fence made of wrought iron or blocked brick fencing will enhance this architectural style.

Contemporary low maintenance fencing

Many Perth homeowners are looking for a contemporary fencing solution that can withstand the elements and is low maintenance, while still complementing the look of their home. Colorbond and Unicote steel fencing provides superior performance with a clean finish that also adds value to your home. It’s also a very affordable option.

The wide variety of colours means this fencing style can essentially be matched to any house design. The fencing panels are specifically built to last in Australian conditions, so once the fence is installed, it is virtually set and forget, with little ongoing maintenance required.

Should you build your own fence?

If you have the skills, tools and time on your side you can build your own fence, but it’s a lot easier and less stressful when you have a professional install your fence for you. Depending on where you live, you might also need council approval to build your fence, which can be a frustrating process if you’ve never done it before. 

Fencing – not just an afterthought

Taking the time to think about how your fencing can work with your house design beyond just a boundary solution to your home, and will boost the value of your property when it’s time to sell, while also creating envious street appeal.

Fencing Perth specialists – trust Mackson for your fence installation

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