14 Major Reasons to Choose a Skillion Patio Roof, Fast Guide

You’ve perhaps heard the phrase skillion patio roof or flat roof and are looking for some information and research on whether to opt for this type of installation. Well, we’ve been installing skillion patio roofs for 20 years, so we’ve come up with the main reasons to choose a skillion patio roof.

Let’s start with a quick summary, then we’ll head into more detail…

Skillion roofs provide a wide variety of modern designs and installation options, they’re cheaper than other patio roof installations and much quicker to install. Other benefits include wide unobstructed views, solar panel fitting potential, rainwater collection and increased property value. 

What is a skillion patio roof?

A skillion patio design, or flat roof design, is essentially a sloping roof without eaves. According to the Collins English dictionary, The word ‘skillion’ basically means a flat triangular lower sloping area, or “lean-to”.

Skillion patios are commonly a single angular roof shape, unlike gable patios that join two faces at a ridgeline. A skillion roof differs from traditional gabled and hip roofs as it usually only has one side that slants outward from the building – or in some cases inward toward the building.

In Perth, skillion roofs typically have single sheet decks with supporting beams underneath… bracing the structure.

The skillion roof is supported by steel rafters, anchored to the supporting beams. They’re strong, durable and modern looking.

Benefits of a skillion patio roof

Skillion patios offer various benefits over traditional patio roofs, as they can be constructed on any level of land …and skillion patio structures are simple designs, that need fewer materials than other types of patio covers.

The skillion roof deck does not require any welded supports to hold up the weight… so there are no gable end structures required for this type of roof.

Specialised skillion patio designs will complement modern homes that usually have large windows designed to let more light in.

The skillion design is often referred to as a “lean-to” patio roof, which is one of the most practical patio roof styles you can choose.

They offer a distinctive look and feel – since they can be variable in shape, design and can also be raise above the house roof. They can be built in several formats and sizes to match the requirements of the homeowner.

Also, skillion flat roof patios are popular in Perth because they are very customisable and often modular in their design and build. This provides other benefits which we’ll go on to shortly.

The most popular styles of skillion roof patios include:

  • Standard flat patio: Attached to the side of the main building and slopes away from the house gutter.
  • Butterfly skillion patio: Two faces slanting downward toward the centre.
  • Reverse skillion patio: Which is raised at an angle that slopes towards where it is attached to the home.
  • Flyover skillion patio: Similar to the standard design, however, it is raised above and overlaps the main house roof area.

Now let’s head into those major benefits…

14 major reasons to install a skillion patio roof

Here are the main reasons why installing a skillion patio design could be the right choice of patio for your home.

1. Choice of materials and designs

Colorbond roofing, polycarbonate roofing, and fully insulated roofing choices are all available for skillion patios.

Skillion roofs are more flexible in terms of the potential for custom designed shapes (like tapering edges), colours of materials, height, and either freestanding or fixed to the building.

2. Fast installation

A skillion patio roof can be installed very quickly. Most smaller skillion patios can be installed within a day.

Custom designs are delivered relatively quickly once they’ve been finalised. And as long as you stick to roofing materials built for the Australian climate then this will ensure high quality, longevity, and durability from your flat patio roof for years to come.

3. Versatility

Flat roofs are extremely versatile. We design custom roofs to taper, or form L-shapes to match perfectly with your home and property boundary lines.

Skillion roofs can also be built freestanding or can be incorporated into your existing structure – joining together with gable and curved roofs for example.

4. Protection from weather conditions

In Perth, we have a lot of sunshine and heat, which makes skillion patio roofs excellent shade providers… as well as offering a means of temperature reduction for your home’s outdoor living areas.

5. Creating additional home space

Using the least amount of structural supports means less obstruction, allowing homeowners to larger room spaces, as well as the ability to provide an extension that blends in with the home design.

6. Easy and quick home improvement

A skillion patio design offers homeowners the ability to create a beautiful new area without spending a fortune.

Because the skillion roof building process is simple and fast, this makes it far more cost-effective than other patio roof types like gable roofs for example.

Your money goes further, which means you’re more likely to achieve your dream of a flat skillion roof patio within budget and installed quickly.

The easiest way to assess what you can build, the cost, and the options is to contact us for a quote. This will provide you with all the feasibility and cost information you need.

7. Aesthetic and simplistic design

Skillion flat style patios offer a unique look to contemporary houses by providing a minimalist design that stands out. The skillion style is becoming increasingly popular because it’s aesthetically pleasing and allows for easy access and transitional space between the house and garden area.

The options are endless, as long as you adhere to come basic regulations for skillion patio roofs. Here are the patio regulations for South Perth as an example. But, there are also tips and tricks they don’t tell you, so we can quickly guide you through this aspect without lots of research on the requirements on your part. Just contact us now and we’ll be happy to help.

8. Increased property value

Adding a flat or skillion roof is very much an asset to your home. When it comes time to sell your house you can expect a greater valuation based on the fact that you have a modern patio roof installed.

Skillion patio roofs are designed to last, unlike more traditional wooden beamed and shingled patio roofs. So if and when the time comes, you can be sure it will retain its value.

9. Rainwater collection

Because of their flat form and pitch, skillion roofs enable effective water drainage.

Skillion roofs can save you money by providing excellent water drainage without the need for additional parts and materials.

A skillion patio design that employs a butterfly is an especially efficient method of capturing water, which is great for residents in Western Australia where obtaining rainwater is extremely popular.

With a skillion patio installed by an experienced professional you can still capture sufficient rainwater without experiencing overflowing gutters and water spillage issues.

10. Wide and unobstructed views

Want to make the most of the views you have or retain that open feel to your property? Then something like a reverse skillion design that slopes inward toward the main property is a great way that homeowners can enjoy unobstructed views from the patio area.

11. Greater ventilation

For tucked-away outdoor spaces that require more ventilation, an overlap from a flyover skillion design allows for air to flow through.

Not only that, but it brings to feel and freshness of the outdoors into a covered environment, giving you the best of both worlds.

12. Letting in more natural light

In Perth, we love having natural light flooding our homes. So if you want more light in your covered outdoor space, a skillion design’s polycarbonate infill allows light to pass through.

This is a recommended and preferred design style when used above window areas that need light to be let in.

13. Can accommodate solar panels

According to the ABC, homes have seen a surge in demand for solar power in Australia.

If you’re lacking in available roof space, then a skillion patio roof provides plenty of space for installing solar panels. Perfect for households that are looking to save money, be more environmentally aware and energy-efficient.

14. DIY roof kit options

We’ve been installing patio roofs in Perth and the surrounding suburbs for many years. But since we make all our own custom parts in-house, we can also provide a DIY kit based on your specifications.

With some advice from us… and some reasonable DIY skills, you can buy a ready-made kit and install your own skillion flat roof. Check out more about our patio kits here.

Need more reasons to choose a skillion patio roof?

We hope this has provided you with a good insight into the benefits and advantages of skillion and flat patio roofs. But we can offer even more help based on your own individual ideas.

If you’re considering a number of options for your patio, contact us and we’ll help guide you through the process and offer the benefit of our 20 years of experience installing hundreds of patio roofs!

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