Build Your Own Fence & Gates

Fences & gates: can you do it yourself?


Dreaming of upgrading your outdoor space, securing your home, or giving your current fence or gate a facelift? Enter the world of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and make your vision a reality. If you are worried about your ability to tackle such projects on your own, fear not. We have developed specific and easy-to-follow DIY guides to walk you through your projects. With detailed instructions and the appropriate tools, Mackson DIY fences and gates might just be the perfect fit for you. 

Fences and gates: benefits of doing it yourself

Although fences and gates are commonly installed by professionals, completing such projects yourself provides numerous advantages. 

Cost Savings

By bypassing labour costs and purchasing materials directly from suppliers, DIY projects can lead to substantial savings compared to hiring professionals to build and install your products. 

Skill Development

Undertaking DIY projects provides an excellent opportunity to develop new skills and gain hands-on experience in construction. As you develop your skills and techniques in building up your fences and gates, you also develop your ability to ensure their maintenance over time afterwards. Moreover, these skills and techniques can be applied to other future projects. 

Sense of Achievement

Completing a DIY project, such as building or renovating fences and gates, can be incredibly rewarding. The satisfaction of seeing your vision come to life and knowing that you accomplished the task with your own hands is unparalleled.

That sense of joy, pride and accomplishment can also strengthen your sense of ownership and your connection to your home knowing that you played a significant role in its improvement and maintenance.

Flexibility and Control

With DIY projects, you have full control over the timeline, pace, and execution of the work. You can work on your project whenever it fits into your schedule, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience.

Quality Assurance 

Being involved in every aspect of the project enables you to ensure the workmanship meets your standards and the quality you seek. 

Inspiration for Future Projects

Completing a DIY project can inspire confidence and creativity, encouraging you to tackle more ambitious projects in the future. It opens the door to endless possibilities for enhancing and improving your home.


Doing your fences and gates yourself with Mackson 

At Mackson, our fences and gates have been developed so that you can build them yourselves. Whether you opt for Colorbond fences or gates or slat fences or gates, our products are available in kits so you can build yourself a nice outdoor area.

Whatever project you decide to dive into, our kits come with the right elements for you to complete it. 

Mackson DIY Colorbond Fencing 

When durability and resilience are paramount for your fencing requirements, the Colorbond fence stands out as the optimal choice. Crafted from top-tier prefabricated panels, meticulously pre-painted for a flawless finish, this fencing solution offers a harmonious blend of lightweight construction and robust strength. Ideal for ensuring privacy, enhancing safety, and providing reliable protection, Colorbond fencing excels in versatility, catering to a myriad of needs with ease.

Building up your Colorbond fence yourself is a challenging yet achievable task. Equipped with the right tools and partnered with the right companion and following the detailed instructions provided here, you should be able to complete your project in a couple of days. 

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DIY Colorbond Gate Kits

Colorbond gate kits stand as the preferred steel building option among Australians, renowned for their durability and versatility. Engineered to endure the harshest of Australian weather conditions, Colorbond gates offer an unparalleled choice for both residential and commercial properties. Crafted with premium-grade materials sourced from our local workshop in Maddington, you can trust that you’ll receive the highest quality Colorbond gate materials available on the market.

Available as a comprehensive kit designed for self-assembly, our Colorbond gates feature lightweight materials that ensure effortless handling and installation. Perfect for a weekend DIY project, the simplicity of assembly allows for a hassle-free experience, catering to homeowners seeking to add a personal touch to their property.

DIY Colorbond Gates serve as the ideal complement to your existing Colorbond Fence, seamlessly integrating with professionally installed fences or those crafted through DIY endeavours. Whether entrusted to professionals or tackled independently, our Colorbond gates offer the perfect finishing touch to elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your outdoor space.

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DIY Slat Gate Kits

Aluminium slat gates epitomise style and popularity, offering an effortless installation and minimal upkeep. Comprising slats with slight intervals between each, these gates are constructed from premium aluminium and pre-finished in your preferred colour, ensuring longevity against harsh weather conditions.

Versatile and adaptable to various environments, slat gates find their place in both residential and commercial settings. Commonly utilised around home swimming pools, as front or backyard security features, or for practical applications in business premises, these gates seamlessly integrate security with aesthetics.

For those seeking an elegant solution to secure home entrances or pool access, slat gates present an ideal choice. Their ability to marry security, functionality, and visual appeal has made them a preferred option among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. 

Renowned for their straightforward installation process, our slat gates can be effortlessly installed by our as a DIY project for the ultimate home improvement project.

DIY Slat gates: get started.


DIY with Mackson

When undergoing a DIY project, prioritise safety and follow instructions carefully. Seek our team’s assistance if needed. At Mackson, we operate with integrity, honesty, and compassion, providing ongoing support throughout your projects. We are readily available to offer guidance for your DIY endeavours whenever necessary.

With extensive experience serving residential, commercial, and architectural clients throughout Western Australia, Mackson is a trusted partner for enhancing and securing your space. Locally owned and operated, we offer customisable and durable products, and our team is known for expertise, approachability, and accessibility.

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