5 reasons why you should install security doors

A security door can be a great investment for your property and not just in the most obvious terms. Constructed from steel or aluminium, they tend to be much more robust than timber doors as they won’t show wear-and-tear anywhere near as easily, and they’ll let you open up to the afternoon breeze in the hot Perth summer. 

They deter burglars

No surprises here – after all, security’s in the name. But once you consider that unwanted intruders tend to target vulnerable-looking homes, a little can go a long way in terms of security doors. While other, less noticeable deterrent devices (such as motion lights and security alarms) can cost an arm and a leg, security doors are relatively cheap – and yet, they’re one of the first things anyone casing your home would see.

They boost your home value

On that point, security doors are also great value, and not just in terms of keeping your home safe. Security doors are a super simple way to boost your home’s property on a budget – one golden rule of real estate is that people are attracted to houses they feel safe in. For most buyers, a security door is more attractive than a normal one and this is even more so in areas where break-ins are common. Anything that will enhance your home’s value to a prospective buyer will bring value back to your wallet in the long run.

They lower your insurance premium

Many insurers offer discounts to homeowners who’ve installed security doors on their home contents policy because they recognise that security doors make it much harder for burglars to break into your home. While this, of course, depends on your insurance policy, many companies offer even further premium discounts when a security door is paired with a trusty alarm system. 

They’re great for climate control

In the midst of a scorching summer day, the air conditioner sometimes just doesn’t cut it. With a security door, you’ll be able to naturally ventilate your home – helping cool down and make the most of that Perth afternoon breeze. Depending on the angle your house faces, it’s worth considering which door will maximise this effect and, if you’re lucky to have one facing westwards, a security door will let you save on air conditioning bills. 

They’re stylish

Just because your door is industrial strength doesn’t mean it has to look that way. Today, you don’t have to trade form for functionality as security doors are available in a wide range of styles to suit any home. At Mackson, we’re proud to offer a range of sleek and modern security solutions, able to complement your home’s kerb appeal and further add to its potential value. We stock a range of security doors and screens, including: 

  •      –  Swing or sliding doors
  •      –  Self-closers
  •      –  Security window panels
  •      –  Flyscreens
  •      –  Diamond grilles
  •      –  One-way vision mesh
  •      –  Fibreglass mesh

Security doors aren’t as straightforward as they seem and many ask whether one is enough, or whether they need to upgrade a back or side door too. Contact our friendly experts today. 

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