6 signs it’s time for a fence replacement

Today’s fences are made of tough, hardy materials like Colorbond that are built to last. But not all fence types can withstand the elements and will wear out and deteriorate over time.

Wooden fences in particular, are notorious for needing constant maintenance and repair. But how do you know when your fence is beyond repair? Our fencing Perth specialists share the tell-tale signs to watch out for.

Storm damage

If your property has recently been hit by a damaging storm and your fence is standing precariously as a result, be it from fallen debris, wild winds or hail, then it’s a good idea to call upon a fencing expert. They can assess the extent of the damage and recommend whether a repair or replacement is the best solution.

Loose boards or panels

While this is more common with timber fencing, loose panels can also be an issue for steel fences. If you notice your fence boards showing signs of damage or cracks due to harsh weather exposure, then it’s a clear sign they aren’t as durable or resistant to the elements as they once were. Delaying any repairs will only make your fence more susceptible to damage, which can impact the whole integrity and structure of your fence.

Our Perth fencing specialists can visit your property, provide expert advice and repair or replace your fence as required. Mackson provides fences that are built to last, explore more here.

Is your fence leaning?

Do you notice your fence leaning to one side or sagging in certain sections? Not only are leaning fences an eyesore, but they can also be a huge safety hazard.

Depending on the cause and how significant the damage is, you could get away with a repair, however in most cases a leaning fence is usually a sign that the fence has passed its lifespan and should be replaced. We recommend seeking the advice of a professional first, to determine the exact extent of the damage.

Fence colour fading or rust appearing?

This is probably the easiest indication that your existing fence has served its time and needs replacing. Leaving it as it is will only allow it to lose its colour even more and require ongoing maintenance.

Most construction materials will corrode after long periods of exposure to sunlight and moisture. On timber fences, corrosion usually comes in the form of mould or rot, while metal fences are vulnerable to rust.

Is your fence warping?

If your aluminium fence is bending and looking a little battered, then it’s time to be replaced – especially if it’s a pool fence. The last thing you want is for the fence openings to be big enough to compromise your pool safety if you have kids outside.

Insect damage

Another issue arising from wooden fences is they’re very prone to insect damage. Insects can reduce the strength, durability and quality of the fence boards, making it more susceptible to damage. Termites in particular, love timber fences and it’s often the first place they go on your property. To know if termites have made a home in your fence, you might see what looks like sawdust at the base of your fenceposts. If you do, it’s likely you’ll need a fence replacement, but get a termite expert to take a look first.

To detect other insect damage on your fence, look out for small holes or gnaws in your fence boards. If you see any signs of this, it’s best to remove those boards and replace them right away.

In any case, when replacing your fence, make sure you choose a high quality fencing material and have a fence professional look after the installation.

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