6 tips to make the most of your patio this summer

Summer in Perth is all about entertaining outdoors, and that’s when your patio really comes of age.

If your patio space has been looking a bit neglected over the cooler months, now is the time to dust off the cobwebs and get it summer ready! With a few simple spruce ups, you can turn your patio into your very own summer oasis that everyone can enjoy.

1. Refresh and reorganise the furniture

The size of your patio will determine how much of your existing furniture you can move around. The main thing you want to do is to avoid a cluttered looking patio, so maximising the space is key. 

If you’re planning to purchase new furniture, get rid of anything clunky that might be taking up too much room. Opt for items that are lightweight like deck chairs, which are easy to manoeuvre and are foldable, so it’s easy enough to put away when you don’t need it or want to create some more space. A hammock or swing is great for relaxing and can easily be taken down when you’re not using it.

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2. Create a comfort zone

In addition to reorganising your furniture, you can make your patio just as comfy as your living room with a few simple touches. Add some plush throw cushions and an ottoman, blankets and throws for those cool nights, and install flowing curtains for extra privacy (design permitting). 

If you don’t have a built in outdoor kitchen to keep your drinks on hand, set up a portable drinks station with a bar cart, so you don’t have to keep heading back indoors when it’s time to refill your drinks.

Dedicate space for a reading nook. Add a comfy chair, daybed or lounge where you can retreat outdoors when quiet time calls. You can even create your own little library to store all your books and magazines.

3. Add some plants to your patio

A little bit of greenery goes a long way to cooling your patio while also adding a pop of colour. Large leafy plants will improve moisture and help to maintain a lower temperature. Just remember to hand water as required and keep the most sensitive plants out of the harsh direct sunlight.

4. Illuminate your patio

Balmy summer evenings are best spent outdoors, making your patio the go to place for a BBQ with friends or kicking back with a few refreshing bevvies. Light up your patio with some extra mood lighting such as garlands of lights or lanterns to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

5. Get onto mozzie protection

There’s nothing worse than waking up the next day itching with mosquito bites. Ensure your patio is protected from unwanted bugs by having a constant supply of repellent. Thermacell repellent devices are great, or you can go as simple as scented candles and citronella coils.

If budget is no issue, you can also consider creating a more permanent physical barrier by installing screening for your patio to keep the bugs out.

6. Turn on the party vibes

If you’re big on entertaining, consider getting some outdoor speakers connected to your patio so you can stream your favourites tunes from your sound system (and to block out any rowdy neighbours!). If you don’t have any outdoor outlets, wireless portable speakers will work just as well to get the music pumping.

Now all that’s left is to rest, relax and unwind. Your patio is all set for summer!

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