Automatic VS Manual Gate – Value, Convenience, Longevity

If you’re currently deciding whether to purchase an automatic or manual gate, here we lay out all of the must-know information. 

There are three main factors to consider when choosing to purchase an automatic gate or a manual gate: value, convenience and longevity. Depending on the purpose of the gate and your own preferences, will determine which gate option is best for you. 

Read further to discover the differences between automatic and manual gates and which gate you should choose.

 1. Value

Whether you’re looking for an automatic gate or manual gate for your home residence or for your commercial business, it’s likely you have a budget you need to stick to. With this in mind, your budget might be the deciding factor on which gate you choose. 

Generally, automatic gates are more expensive due to the gate sensors required. Some automatic gates use remote controls or keypads to trigger the gate to open. Others rely on special lasers (sensors) to detect physical objects within a specific radius that, in turn, triggers the gate to open. Other automatic gate motors use voice control, GPS integration or timed movements. 

Manual gates are often a more affordable option as the parts involved in making the gates are less advanced. Some people might prefer manual gates for their familiar design rather than relying on the automatic gate’s technology. 

Talk with our team at Mackson fencing for more information regarding prices. 

2. Convenience

Whilst automatic gates offer an automatic opening and closing system, manual gates require a person to manually open the gate. 

If you’re using your gate frequently, you might want to save yourself the hassle by choosing an automatic gate. For example, with automatic gates you can control the gate with a remote so when you drive up to your premises, you can simply click a button and the gate will automatically slide or swing open for you. 

Many homes and small businesses choose automatic gates to save themselves the trouble of getting out of the car and manually pulling or rolling the gate open. 

For businesses where employees are often in and out of vehicles anyway, manual gates might be more convenient. Premises that open the gate in the morning and keep the gate open for the entire day, may find the manual gates easier to use. 

If you’re unsure, it’s important to keep in mind that you can always convert your manual gate to an automatic gate if you change your mind later on. This can be a complicated process so you might need professional help. Speak to an expert for more information on how to convert your gate.

3. Longevity

Regardless of whether you’re choosing a manual or an automatic gate – all of the gates we stock at Mackson are of the highest quality. 

Automatic gates hold innovative anti-fatigue gearing systems, which maintain the life of the product. These anti-fatigue gearing systems have been tested over a thousand times to ensure that today’s gates have the longest lifespan possible. Coupled with regular servicing, when you purchase a Mackson gate, you’re making a purchase for a lifetime. 

Mackson’s gates have been crafted by experts, holding durability as vital importance. Made of customisable and strong materials that have been designed to protect against various climates and weather circumstances as well as accommodate frequent use. Mackson gates can withstand just about any- and everything!

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