DIY Gate Kits – Slat & Colorbond

DIY gate kits are a great way to obtain high quality and affordable gate solutions for your property.

Mackson gate kits come with all of the materials you need to put together your home and/or business’ gate. This makes building your own slat or colorbond gate quick and easy. 

Avoid lengthy wait times from builders and build your gate yourself. With Mackson gate kits, the process is straightforward and reliable – you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t done it sooner!

Avoid long waitlists with gate kits

Home renovations in Australia have broken records in the last few years with Australians spending $1 billion a month on their homes. Half fueled by stimulus packages and half fueled by a change in consumer behavior – the construction industry has unquestionably boomed and is expected to only continue to grow. 

Although the renovation boom has been great for the industry, it has also put great strain on supply leading to issues in sourcing materials. If you’ve tried to renovate or build anything for your property, you will know exactly what we’re referring to. With the shortage of materials and the long wait periods, it has left many home owners frustrated. 

Here is where gate kits offer an alternative to contacting busy builders and never ending waitlists. With DIY gate kits, you don’t have to worry about relying on builders for installation. Instead, Mackson gives you all of the materials and resources you need to do the job now! All you need are the screws, the concrete and a tool box.

DIY slat gate kits

Aluminium slat gates are a stylish and popular gate that is easy to install and maintain. A slat gate is made of slats, with small breaks in between each slat. Made from high quality aluminium and pre-painted in your desired colour – aluminium slat gates stand the test of time, withstanding tough weather conditions.  

Suitable for both homes and workplaces, slat gates are versatile and can be installed into any environment. Commonly, slat gates are used for a home’s swimming pool area, to offer security for the front or backyard or, for practical use on business premises. 

What’s included:

  • Custom built welded frame with slats fitted
  • 2 x 50x50mm x 2370mm posts with caps
  • 1 x double sided keylock
  • 2 x powdercoated hinges

Colorbond gate kits

Colorbond gate kits are the most popular steel building choice amongst Australians. Tested to withstand extreme Australian weather conditions, colorbond is an excellent choice for all homes and businesses. Made with premium quality materials at our local workshop in Maddington, rest assured you’ll be given the best colorbond gate materials on the market.

What’s included:

  • Pre-built gate with welded frame, infills and capping fitted
  • Trimdeck sheets with Colorbond colours
  • 2x 50x50mm x 2400mm posts with caps
  • 1x d-latch or upgrade to double-sided keylock
  • 2x galv hinges

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Looking for your next DIY project? Look no further. 

Adding a gate to your property can greatly increase your property’s value. Gates offer essential privacy, security and aesthetics to your home or business premises. If you’re looking to increase your home’s resale value or you’re seeking to improve your property – investing in a high quality gate will offer the improvement you’re looking for.  

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