How To Install a Colorbond Fence – DIY Guide

If you are looking for strength and durability for your fencing needs, look no further than a Colorbond fence. With high-quality prefabricated and pre-painted panels, you will have lightweight yet strong fencing for privacy, safety, protection, and anything else you might need. Colorbond fencing is perfect in that it is resistant to corrosive elements, and can last for decades.

Now that you know about Colorbond’s superior fencing system, you will want to learn the best practices for how to install a Colorbond fence in Perth. Keep reading for instructions from the professionals on how to install Colorbond fence panels with ease. Let’s get started.

Tips for Getting Started

To begin, you will need to find someone to help you with the installation process. Since the panels are large in size, you will want to keep safety and general ease in mind before beginning your project. To that end, it is important that you work with someone throughout the installation. As a bonus, when you work together you’ll get the job done that much quicker!

Depending on the length of fencing you will be installing, the placement will take approximately two days or more. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions throughout the activity. Contact Mackson’s friendly team in Perth or Colorbond’s customer service experts if you have any questions.

Gather All Tools and Supplies Before Beginning Installation

As with any building or home improvement project, you will need to gather all the parts, tools, and supplies before you start installing your Colorbond fence. It is always best to count out the parts and pieces to ensure you have everything and that nothing is missing.

Here is a list of the supplies you will need.

Safety Gear

• Ear Protection

• Safety Glasses

• Thick Work Gloves


• Tape Measure

• Pencil and Sharpener

• Spirit Level

• Cordless Drill (for ease of movement)

• Tin Snips

• Saw Horses

• Angle Grinder

• Clamps


• Colorbond Posts

• Colorbond Rails

• Colorbond Infill Sheets

• Fence Capping

• Screws (various lengths, as needed)

• Kwikset Concrete

Colorbond fence installation steps

1. The Posts

Begin by digging holes approx 600mm deep for the Colorbond posts. Place the posts into the holes with the desired height protruding from the ground. With a spirit level get the post nice and plumb and then add Kwikset concrete with water. Follow the instructions on the concrete bag to get the correct mixture of concrete and water. End posts only require one Colorbond post while intermediate posts need two Colorbond posts back to back. Space the posts according to the size of panels you are installing. Standard Mackson panels are 2350mm wide.

2. The Bottom Rail

Start your installation by putting in the bottom rail. This is necessary in order to place the Colorbond sheets. Insert the rail between the first two posts using the spirit level to ensure an even installation. After doing so, use the cordless drill and safety gear to screw into the previously installed post and the bottom rail to securely attach them together.

3. The First Panel

Grab your building partner for this step and place the Colorbond sheets one by one. While beginning in one corner, insert the bottom of a Colorbond panel close to the end post. Start by angling the panel. Use gentle pressure to push it down into the bottom rail. Next, glide the panel back to make it even with the post.

4. The Top Rail

Place the top rail in between the first two posts with the intention of securely connecting the first Colorbond panel. Press the corrugated areas on the panel inside of the top rail while keeping the last corrugated area exposed. This way, the subsequent panel can be fitted onto it firmly.

5. The Rest of the Sheets

Using the same process, put the rest of the sheets into place. Insert the bottom portion of the sheets first so that the corrugated areas overlay one another. Slide the second sheet into place inside the bottom rail. Force the top rail down into the second sheet for a tight fit. Follow the same process with the final sheet.

6. Fix the Top Rail

Once you are done placing the sheets in the first section, firmly push the top rail down to secure the connection. Ensure an even fit by using the spirit level. Once it is even, drill the screws in place and through the posts on both sides of the Colorbond sheets to secure the top rail.

7. The Remaining Panels

Go through the previous instructions to install the bottom rail, the rest of the infill sheets and the top rail. Do this until the bigger sections are finished.

8. Trimming the Infill Sheets

Should you have any areas where a panel needs to be cut to fit the space, do so in this step. Start by measuring the length between the posts and mark it on both the top and bottom of the panel. Put the level between the points and draw a straight line to connect them.

9. Making the Cut

Don your safety gear and use the angle grinder. Make a cut with the angle grinder along the lines you made in the previous step.

10. Cut the Rails

Using the previous measurements, make cuts in the top and bottom rails. Place the clamp on the rail to secure it to the sawhorse. Take the angle grinder and cut both of the rails to the pre-measured length.

11. The Last Panel

In this step, place the final panel in between the two posts. Use the spirit level to ensure it’s even. Use the cordless drill to screw the bottom rail between the two posts.

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