What Is Colorbond Fencing: Types, Features, Uses and Colours

If you are a building professional or DIY enthusiast taking on a fence project, it’s important to consider your choice of material for your fencing panels. Popular choices tend to be timber, aluminium and steel, at least in Perth and the surrounding areas.

This article is about Colorbond fencing: what it is and how it compares to your other options in terms of cost, durability, strength, maintenance and appearance.

So firstly, what is a Colorbond fence?

Colorbond fencing is a brand of pre-painted steel fencing favoured across Australia for its strength and durability. Colorbond fencing offers the same lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties as aluminium while being much stronger and sturdier in construction.

That’s the quick summary, but before we dive into the details of what sets Colorbond apart from other materials, let’s briefly cover how they’re manufactured.

What is Colorbond fencing made from?

At its core, Colorbond fencing is made in the same way as Zincalume, which is where it gets its strength and durability from.

Zincalume is a kind of galvanised steel made from aluminium and zinc. It is highly resistant to corrosion – around 4 times less likely to corrode than ordinary galvanised steel.

It is then pre-painted, a process that does not incur much additional manufacturing costs!

The lead-free paint actually becomes an integral part of the Colorbond steel panels as they are being formed, so it is not merely regular steel that has been painted before being shipped.

The result is a highly weather-proof and long-lasting material ideal for outdoor fencing and resilient in the face of extreme weather conditions. These fence panels are incredibly reliable and low maintenance, which is possibly the main reason why they’re such a popular choice.

Colorbond fencing panels come in an array of different colour choices – 14 to be exact.

There’s nothing to stop you from applying acrylic paint over Colorbond fencing with whatever colour you like, but keep in mind it will never be quite as resilient as the “baked-in” Colorbond paint.

So if you have your heart set on painting your fence hot pink, then Colorbond could still be the best option for your budget.

What colours are Colorbond fences available in?

Colorbond fences are pre-painted in a selection of 14 different colour choices. These include a few shades of grey as well as some sandy and earthy hues (see image below).

These are wonderfully versatile colours that allow you to design your exterior fence to complement your property perfectly, adding visual appeal while providing unparalleled protection as well.

Why build a Colorbond fence?

There are many reasons to choose Colorbond for your fence project in addition to those mentioned above.

Unlike some timber and metal designs featuring vertical or horizontal slats, Colorbond fencing panels are made without gaps.

This makes them ideal for creating a private space whether it be your backyard, place of business, or somewhere else.

Being a strong and durable material, a Colorbond fence makes for a serious upgrade to security and is sure to increase the value of your home or business right away.

Not only does it look solid and secure, but from a design point of view, Colorbond fencing is also aesthetically pleasing and adds modern street appeal to your property.

Here at Mackson we also offer welded steel frames with our Colorbond Gate Kits to create a seamless and cohesive look. Our gate capping for the outer edge utilises a safety edge system to prevent unsightly cuts.

Colorbond compared with other fencing materials

Now let’s look at a comparison between Colorbond and other popular choices of fencing material.

Colorbond vs. Aluminium fencing

Aluminium is a fine choice of fencing material as it is durable and affordable. So with Colorbond fencing being a little more expensive, what exactly are you getting for the extra money?

For one thing, steel is a stronger and sturdier material than aluminium, making it ideal for outdoor fencing. Colorbond steel fencing is made to survive extreme weather conditions and truly stand the test of time – all while being maintenance-free.

Additionally, Colorbond fencing is pre-painted and comes in a selection of colours.

This is a huge plus for building professionals and DIY enthusiasts because, while it can be painted if desired, it’s not at all necessary and so that’s one less stage of the project to worry about – it saves you time and expenses and it’s one less thing that can go wrong.

Colorbond vs. Corrugated iron

Corrugated iron is one of the cheapest options per meter for fencing, however, it is vulnerable to rust over time. For that reason, there are very few scenarios where corrugated iron might be preferable over timber or steel.

Colorbond, as well as being sturdier and more visually pleasing than corrugated iron, is high-quality steel that is highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

Colorbond vs. Timber fencing

Another popular choice of fencing materials among Australians is timber. Timber fencing offers excellent value for money as far as strength and durability and is relatively low maintenance.

There is a range of different kinds of timber which vary in price, strength, and appearance. Obviously, Colorbond steel fencing has a very different aesthetic which may or may not be desired.

One important difference to mark here is that timber fencing is potentially prone to rotting, sagging and warping over the years, whereas the high-grade steel of Colorbond fencing will not suffer from these issues.

Should I choose Colorbond for my fencing?

So, in summary, while a Colorbond fence may seem like the more costly option on the face of it, it’s important to think in the long term.

If I install a timber fence now, will it show signs of rotting in a few years time and eventually need replacing?

And is such a replacement job costly enough to justify investing the extra money now into a more long-lasting material?

Think about the appearance of the fencing too. Which material would best suit your property? And are aesthetics more important to you than durability? Or would you rather go with the more reliable and low maintenance option?

At Mackson, we supply a wide range of Colorbond fencing panels in Perth and WA for any kind of fencing project and at some of the most competitive pricing in Perth.

They are available in a range of widths and heights which can be mixed and matched as desired to create the perfect design for the perimeter of your home or business.

Not sure what size you need? We can help you determine the right dimensions for your fencing project. Request a quote, contact us for a chat to learn more or stop by our workshop in Maddington.

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