What type of fencing is right for me?

When picking a fence for commercial or residential purposes, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by options. At Mackson, we’re in the business of making quality Perth fencing products and we’re always looking to make this process as simple as possible. 

In this easy guide, we’ll run through the types of fencing popular in Perth and the surrounding areas–as well as the pros and cons of each. 

Slat fending – a sleek-style look

Slat fencing is a contemporary-style option, becoming steadily more popular in both modern and older builds. It’s classy, compact, and affordable and, depending on the material you choose, can offer a wood-look finish without any of the maintenance. 

The big benefit of slat fencing is that, unlike other styles, it’s adjustable in transparency. At Mackson, we’re able to tailor all our aluminium slat builds to suit your tastes (or council regulations). Want to enjoy your privacy, or prefer enjoying the view? With slats, you can have your cake and eat it too. 

Got slat fencing, but need a gate that suits? We offer custom-made steel gate kits, allowing you to install a gate at a rock-bottom price.

Colorbond fencing – protect your privacy

One of the great fencing options, Colorbond is great at protecting your privacy as it sets your personal space apart from neighbours and unwanted intruders, yet offers plenty of wiggle room for colour, style and variation. 

With an experienced fabricator on board, you can add decorative lattices to the top of each Colorbond panel and it’s easy to integrate with a Colorbond gate kit for front or back fencing.

Colorbond is a great option for those looking to replace old asbestos or cement-fibre fencing, offering a familiar level of privacy without the health risks. 

Like our slat gate products, we offer a DIY Colorbond gate kit, allowing you to pair a gate with your fence at an affordable price. 

Tubular fencing – low cost and versatile

Tubular fencing might be a low-cost option but it certainly doesn’t have to look that way. In the Perth area, tubular is common on up-market houses, adding an ornate, open-air feel to houses that suit the style. 

Once again, a skilled fencing fabricator can incorporate rings, crosses and symbols into the product. At Mackson, you can even let us know if there’s an original design you’d like to see us bring to life. You can view our gallery page for examples of our work. In the past, we’ve integrated modern-style automatic gates with angel-wing designs and curved gates. 

Garrison fencing – low cost, high security

In commercial environments, security is often the top concern. Garrison fencing, which is made from heavy-duty tubular steel, is a great choice for keeping burglars and trespassers out of schools, strata, and sporting complexes.

Our range comes in 1.8m and 2.1m high options, complete with squash-top spears. Garrison fencing is the ultimate in low-maintenance and if installed and powder-coated properly, the fence will stay strong for years to come.

Have any questions about Perth fencing, or what style is right for your home or business? Our friendly experts will be happy to help. Contact Mackson today. 

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