What’s the difference between safety and security screens?

Can’t decide between whether to choose safety screens or security screens for your windows or doors? While both options may look similar at a glance, there are some key differences between the two. 

Add to this the wide variety of patterns and finishes available, and suddenly selecting screens for your home can turn into a headache you just don’t need. To help you make the right call on which screen type will best suit your needs, here are the basic facts on safety and security screens.

What is a safety screen?

A safety screen is great if you want to let the cool breeze in and keep bugs out. And although it’s an affordable screening solution, it falls short on fully protecting you from unwanted intruders. 

If you have young children, safety screens are ideal for second storey windows, as they serve the purpose of preventing children from falling through. 

Safety screens that come with aluminium diamond grilles resemble security doors or security windows, making them a great visual deterrent. However, this type of safety screen isn’t designed to prevent intruders from entering your home. Optional triple locking systems can be fitted onto safety screen doors or windows for enhanced security however, the mesh is still not built to withstand forced entry.  

The benefits of safety screens

–  Provides good visibility and ventilation
–  Great for keeping out insects
–  A safe solution to protect children from falling out of second storey windows
–  Affordable

What is a security screen?

A security screen offers the same benefits of a safety screen, with added peace of mind that it will keep intruders out. 

As the name suggests, security screens are specifically designed and engineered with security in mind – everything from the construction, frame, hinges, locking system and installation.

The mesh of a security screen is much higher quality than a safety screen. It is made up of either stainless steel or aluminium sheeting, interwoven into a mesh format and must have passed the Australian Standards for security screens. Standard requirements include mesh testing for resistance against knives, probing, forcible impact, jimmying and fire. 

Just like with safety screens, security screens can reduce the risk of small children falling from high windows. The durable mesh of this screen still allows for maximum ventilation. 

The benefits of security screens

 –  Meets Australian security standards for protection against intruders
–  Provides maximum ventilation and unobstructed views
–  Durable – built to withstand tough conditions including extreme weather events
–  Suitable for bushfire prone areas
–  A safe solution to protect children from falling out of second storey windows
–  Great for keeping out insects
–  Pet resistant

What level of security do you need?

When deciding on your screens, think about the level of protection you are after. Regular fly screens do a great job at keeping bugs and pests out, but that’s about it. A safety screen will do a slightly better job at visually protecting your home, but it will still leave you vulnerable to intruders. If you’re after more than just a visual deterrent, security screens are your best option to keeping unwelcome intruders out.

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