6 compelling reasons to add a patio to your Perth home

Still deciding on whether installing a patio is the right move for your backyard?

Whether it’s for entertaining, dining or relaxing, there’s lots of benefits to creating a patio extension to your home. And here’s our top 6 reasons why!

1. Patios expand your living area

With such great weather literally all year round in Perth, patios are a great way to bring the comfort of the indoors outside and extend your existing living space, particularly if the inside of your house is feeling a little crowded.

Patios are also versatile. You can transform the space to be anything you want. From an alternative living and entertainment area, to an outdoor kitchen and dining room, or relaxing pool-side lounge and place to exercise. The possibilities from a design and functionality perspective are endless!

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2. Next to zero maintenance

Thanks to their simple design and durability, patios are low maintenance and easy to clean. Most patio products you come across in Perth are designed to suit conditions in the eastern states but at Mackson, our patios are manufactured locally by us in Perth, to suit the harshest WA conditions.

3. A patio can increases your home’s value

An easy way to add significant value to your home without doing any full blown interior renovations, is to build an outdoor entertaining area – patio included. The pleasing aesthetics of a patio and their multi-use potential can add dollars to the worth of your property, whether you plan to sell now or in the future. That’s money well spent!

4. Patios are customisable

The beautiful thing about patios is they can be designed and built to suit your space, landscape and budget. Choose where your patio goes, how big you want it to be and the design and materials. At Mackson, we specialise in flat roof, gable and insulated roof patios.

Need a little inspiration? Take a look at our patios Perth gallery for ideas on building a patio in your backyard.

5. Patios protect you from the elements

The summer sun can be unforgiving, but a patio is just what your backyard needs to protect you against the sun and let you spend more time entertaining outdoors. Having a patio is also a great place for storing your outdoor furniture and other belongings, away from the elements on days when wind and rain wreak havoc.

6. Patios are a great alternative to lawn

Having an immaculate lawn is the envy of most homeowners, but let’s face it, there’s a lot of work involved in maintaining lush green lawn, and unless you’re an avid gardener it can prove to be a time consuming and costly task. Having a patio eliminates the need to look after lawn, with the added benefit of reducing the amount of maintenance required in your backyard.

Patios Perth specialists

If you’re thinking about building a patio in your backyard, speak to Mackson – your local Perth patio supplier and installer. Our patio experts can install your patio quickly, saving you time and money. We also supply patio kits for the home DIY warrior.  Contact us today to get your patio project off the ground.

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