Fencing styles for the modern Perth home

Want to go beyond the white picket fence to frame your home? Construction materials and fencing designs have advanced tremendously over the past few years, giving homeowners an abundance of choice when it comes to fencing their Perth home.

But with choice, comes the hard task of finding what will best suit your house. Generally speaking, fences are designed for three functions – privacy, functional and decorative. Whether you need a fence to secure a property boundary, keep pets and children safe, or create more privacy, a fence can dramatically enhance your home’s curb appeal. 

Here’s a quick snapshot at some of the most common styles of fences used in Perth homes today.

Colorbond fencing

One of the most popular boundary fence choices for Australian homes is a Colorbond steel fence – and with good reason. Cost effective, durable and made to last against extreme weather conditions, you can choose from 22 colours to match your home exterior. Colorbond is also a great option for the DIY home handyman.

Horizontal or vertical slats

You can never go wrong with slat fencing – it’s minimalist and looks stunning. This tough aluminium fencing option is easy-to-maintain and looks great in between brick or concrete piers.

At Mackson, we offer a sophisticated slat fencing system that hides all the screws for a seamless finish. Gap sizes between slats are also completely customisable, so you can set the level of privacy you want.

Modular wall fence

Modular walls have the appearance of a rendered masonry wall, but for roughly half the cost and a much quicker installation time. Another popular choice, modular walls are great for building in additional features such as lighting, letterboxes and slats – so the customising options are endless. 

Glass fencing

Glass fencing is mostly used for pool areas or scenic overlooks. It’s a high end option that offers a sleek and elegant aesthetic design, but it comes with constant maintenance to keep up appearances.

Tubular fences

Tubular style fencing is available in various modern and classic looking styles. They’re ideal for creating a stunning automatic gate entrance, freestanding boundary fence, infill panels between brick pillars or even as cost effective option for pool fencing. It’s so versatile you can even add spears, rings, scrolls, crosses and symbols into your fence design. 

Timber fencing

From classic picket fencing to standard boundary fences, this timeless option is cost-effective and doesn’t take too long to install. However, like anything made out of timber, it’s subject to premature aging, will rot, can be exposed to termites and requires ongoing maintenance. This option is also not suitable for anyone living in bushfire prone areas.

Brick walls

Brick fencing is your classic premium choice, offering heightened security and noise reduction. Rendered walls are especially popular for modern homes, creating a luxe look around your outdoor space. The downside is the cost and installation time. Brick walls do require council approval and rendered brick walls are among the most expensive fencing option.

Fencing Perth specialists

Whether you’re planning to tackle your fence as a DIY project, or you’d prefer a professional to install it for you, the team at Mackson have got you covered. Get in touch with us to discuss your fencing project needs today!

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