What you need to consider before building a patio

They say what you put into your home, you get out – and it’s true. Patios are a great way to add utility and aesthetic appeal to your home. They can latch onto the main home, for a deck-like or veranda feel, or they can sit separately in your yard to make the space “pop”. 

Given the weather we enjoy here in WA, it’s unsurprising that many local homeowners just love the idea of an afternoon spent on a Perth patio. So much so, that installing one can pay for itself in the long run, by adding to your home’s value. 

But putting together a patio space isn’t as simple as it seems so before you can kick your feet up in your new outdoor entertaining area, you’ll have to navigate building codes, material types, and a host of other concerns. Here, we’ll explain the main things you need to know before starting to build a patio. 


Since Perth patios take almost any shape, size, material or colour, they leave a lot of room to add to your home’s design. Taking cues from your home’s architecture and colour palette, you’ll be able to create a more cohesive outdoor space. Or, if you’re looking to upgrade the look and feel of an older home, a sleek, front-facing patio can dramatically alter your home’s kerb appeal.  

Gable-style patios are great at creating dramatic shaded area and maximum cooling impact. These create an open and rich feel for a wonderful outdoor area – they’re great for backyards, large and small, as well as carports. 

On the cost-effective end of the spectrum, flat-roof (or skillion) patios are a great way to create a year-round entertaining space. With fewer parts than their gable cousins, they’re also simpler to install which means, with one of our DIY patio kits, you can put a patio area into your Perth home even on a tight budget. 

At Mackson, we specialise in both flat and gable patios – as well as insulated and pergolas. For a better idea of how these look in practice, you can view our patio gallery. 

Have any questions about Perth fencing, or what style is right for your home or business? Our friendly experts will be happy to help. Contact Mackson today.

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